grap-imageIntroducing GRAP's functions that stand out.
Easier and more convenient to work together. Introducing GRAP's specialized functions.


"GRAP Messenger" Speciliazed for work

  • Various Chat functions

    Meet GRAP's messenger features, such as 1:1 conversations, group conversations, video conferencing, and large file transfers.
  • Retrieve Message

    You can instantly retrieve your chat and it won't be shown to others. Reduces miscommunication between tasks.
  • Watermarking

    Watermark your chat room wallpaper with your email and name. You can prevent capturing sensitive information and prevent security incidents.



"GRAP Newsfeed", a real-time business bulletin board

grap-image @Mention Send a notification to someone related to the work by referring to the contact person via @name when you write a post in a group. You can metion a colleage by pressing '@' at any time, reducing work loss.
grap-image Group/Category Add categories such as 'Notice', 'Meeting' and 'Request work' on your group according to the nature of the posts. You can categorize 'feeds' efficiently and see 'feeds' by category.
grap-image Notification Feature Important feeds can be quickly notified to group members by registering as 'Notice'. The important notifications are collected at the top of the feed, so everyone can see the contents easily.


Reliable collaboration function

PC-mobile Sync Not only PC-mobile interworking, but GRAP can also be used on the web without installation. Easily see your messages, documents, and posts anytime and anywhere, so you do not miss your work.
Search Organization Chart Import Organizational Chart: Import Organizational Charts to GRAP. Quick and easily check your colleagues' work status and communicate immediately with employee search.
Video Conference Communicate at anytime, anywhere with the Gooroomee Cloud Video Conferencing Solution. Enjoy the clear, high-definition video conferencing environment with our latest video conferencing technology.
Admin Account Provides a powerful admin page that allows administrators to manage all necessary functions at once, including team usage, organization chart, and permission settings. Create an efficient team with GRAP now.
OPEN API Sync GRAP freely. It can sync with your previous existing services as well as existing in-house systems.
File Box See all images, videos, and documents, that you uploaded with the "File Box" feature. You can easily share and download your uploaded files from anywhere in your chat room or newsfeed group.